EDR, MDR, XDR - Have you seen these new acronyms showing up in your cyber liability policy renewal or social media feeds? There's uncertainty in the marketplace about the differences between "endpoint (EDR), extended (XDR), and managed (MDR)" detection & response security tools. To address this we have teamed up with Artic Wolf to provide some clarity around these novel security products.

The evolution of the hybrid work environment has led to a sharp increase in endpoints. This ecosystem has further expanded the network attack surface and is aggressively being targeted by criminal hackers. More than ever, it is critical to adopt the proper detection & response technologies and to understand the role each solution plays.

90% of security leaders believe their organizations are failing to properly address cyber risk

Join us for this educational webinar on Wednesday, 9/28/22 at 11am, and come away with a better understanding of how existing security solutions may not be efficiently communicating together, leaving gaps in network visibility. Also, gain knowledge about EDR, XDR, MDR, to make informed decisions.