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Cyber Risk Responsibility is Shifting

Ownership of cybersecurity risk is moving away from IT, becoming a primary duty of board members and C-levels.

Vulnerabilities within an organization's cybersecurity framework present substantial operational risks for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Given the increasing prevalence of cybercrime, SMBs face heightened scrutiny from regulatory bodies, legislators, and clients with regard to their capacity to effectively counter cyber threats. Stakeholders seek assurances that your business is diligently safeguarding its vital assets as well as those of its clients.

What are you doing about your cyber risks? 

In light of the growing trend of executives facing personal accountability for data breaches and significant cyber incidents, it is imperative for business leaders to regard cyber risk as an integral component of overall business risk. Utilize the following resources to develop your cybersecurity knowledge and make cybersecurity a priority at your next executive meeting.



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We invited cyber risk experts from law enforcement, insurance, legal, and compliance to exchange viewpoints on critical SMB cyber risks. Watch this recording to gain a better understanding of what happens before, during, and after a cyber incident and what SMB leaders can do to prepare for a cyber-crisis.

Cyber risk should be on SMB c-suite and boardroom agendas as it directly affects the financial stability, reputation, regulatory compliance, and overall resilience of the business. 

While 88% of boards view cybersecurity as a business risk, only 12% have a dedicated board-level cybersecurity committee (Gartner)

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Questions Every Executive Must Ask About Cyber Risks

Are you asking these questions about your cyber risks? Download these questions and advance the cyber risk conversation within your business.

"The emerging digital ecosystem is treacherous. In our current digital environment, every company is now a reachable target, and every company, large or small, has operations, brand, reputation, and revenue pipelines that are potentially at risk for a breach."

Forbes Cybersecurity Trends & Statics for 2023:  What You Need To Know

Educate your team on popular cybercriminal tactics.

A trained workforce is cyber vigilant and is better prepared to protect the organization. Download this cybersecurity tips sheet and share it with your staff. 

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Advance your security maturity and keep your organization secure against the landscape of constantly evolving cyberthreats.