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The USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) E-rate program helps eligible schools to afford modern wireless networks and, in most cases, fund their continued support and management. Schools who have obtained E-rate funds, are successfully using them towards:

  • Implementing new wireless and switching networks to create a reliable, secure learning environment.

  • Increasing the security and throughput at their network’s perimeter with modern firewalls or perimeter infrastructure to capitalize on increasing bandwidth levels. 

  • Obtaining managed WiFi services support, such as 24x7 network monitoring and critical incident response, avoiding the need to solely rely on internal resources who may not have the required skillsets or capacity.

2022 E-rate Application Filing Window Opens

Dates TBA

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E-rate Application Process 
2022 Dates TBA

E-rate Filing Window_Jan 15 2021

USAC E-rate Application Filing Window Opens

E-rate Filing Window Competitive Bidding is On 2021

Complete and file the FCC Form 470 to received competitive service bids.

E-rate Last Day to submit Application for Competitive Bidding 2021

Submit application for competitive bidding.

E-rate Application for Funds Window Closes

Select Services Provider. Complete & submit FCC Form 471.


E-rate Tips & Information

2021 starts a new 5yr funding cycle and there is $8B dollars available.

Your FCC Form 470 must be submitted to USAC no later than February 25 to allow for the minimum 28 day competitive bidding process.

E-rate can be coupled with other public funding programs to financially support school technology initiatives.

The 2021 E-rate school multiplier is $167.00 per student.


Use USAC's Category 2 Budget Tool Data FY2021+ Set to determine your C2 budget for each five-year cycle beginning with the first budget cycle, which starts in FY2021 and ends in FY2025.



What is Erate_Systems Engineering

What is E-rate and how does it work?

E-rate is helping schools obtain the technologies necessary to facilitate an effective and modern educational environment.

Easiest Way to Erate_Systems Engineering and Cisco On Demand Event

The Easiest Way For E-rate

This on-demand event discusses the new 5-year E-rate funding cycle and how to obtain reimbursement for eligible products and services.

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E-rate White Paper

Learn how E-rate works and how to these funds have made it more affordable to achieve your technology goals.

What Systems Engineering can do for your school.

  • Provide technical details and information necessary for E-rate applications.
  • Obtain the best available marketplace pricing.
  • Assess your wireless network to create an efficient network design and bill of materials.
  • Provide a professional project implementation team to ensure your project is done efficiently.
  • Share the workload and alleviate resource burden.
  • Offer expert technical support and resources to help with the management of your network.

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With the financial support of E-rate and Systems Engineering's network expertise, you can provide your staff and students with a more reliable and secure learning environment.