Multi-Factor Authentication

Your business is only as secure as its weakest password.  

It's no secret that most data breaches today begin with a set of compromised credentials (username & password.) It's a fact that employees often reuse passwords across multiple personal and business accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, combats poor password habits and strengthens business defenses by utilizing multiple verification methods, such as credentials combined with a one-time code delivered via text, to validate the identity of the end-user accessing your data.   

With password exploits on the rise, your organization can benefit from MFA:

Multi-Factor Authentication_Systems Engineering

  • Reduce the chances a hacker will compromise your critical application and business systems with stolen credentials alone,
  • Protect your critical data whether on-premises or in the cloud,
  • Ensure your remote workforce has secure access to the resources they need,
  • Comply with password requirements set by industry regulations, and
  • Position your organization to utilize other powerful security tools to further protect your business and its critical assets.

Studies show that businesses who deploy MFA properly can avoid 99.9% of breaches due to compromised credentials. As more and more of your staff work remotely and your applications move to the cloud, Multi-Factor Authentication is a low-cost, effective defense measure that can boost your security posture.

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